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We have written a lot about the importance of theproper control of the vibrations and resonances into a HiFi system: the means to achieve a good vibration insulation are so many and so different that we'll have to write a little more on this topic. The picture above does not give the idea of how elegant and classy look these blocks: the quality of the finish is simply superb. Small parts for attachment included. Compatible with M-05 chassis cars. The first thing you can notice is that you suddenly need to turn the volume up, far more than usual: this is caused by the *cleaning* effect of the Q-Dampers. Det er lett å få det perfekte resultatet når du baker torsk i ovn. You can choose to place 3 or 4 Q-Dampers depending on the nature of the equipment you want to dampen since the effects may vary. Indeed, the *cleaning* effect is still there, even if less evident than in the case of the *complete treatment* (3 dampers under EACH component). In this article I'll try to tell you about the effects these small graphite blocks can have on any HiFi component. Fluid dampers are used in military devices for shock isolation and in civil structures for suppressing earthquake-induced shaking and wind-induced vibrations, among many other applications.

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I've started from scratch, putting 3 Q-Dampers under any HiFi component into my listening system, as suggested. If you're using spikes, just put one Q-Damper under each spike. Warning Your internet explorer is in compatibility mode and may not be displaying the website correctly. This is a limited edition version of the M-05 carbon front damper stay (Item 54320). Once you have discovered the effect of these simple devices you can start thinking at the (better) Q-Dampers, which work substantially better, are far sturdier and look cooler :-). For these guys I suggest to use just 3 Q-Dampers under the player, digital or analog, it doesn't really matter. Do NOT glue them or place under an elastic surface: the coupling is needed to be very stiff. It has a blue tint to the carbon fiber making it stand out.


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Stay features multiple damper attachment holes for a range of setup options. Below you'll find my list of preferences, with a vote, from 0 to 5, where 5 means max effect and 0 no effect at all. Being quite small, these blocks are surprsingly heavy. Add some sparkle to your M-05 chassis car! This doesn't mean that you have to use them coupled with pointed spikes, as we'll see below. The Conjugate Heat Transfer, Laminar Flow and Moving Mesh interfaces are used with a time dependent study in this model. The bass becomes even slightly deeper and so it is easier to follow even the more complicated bass line, down to the first octave. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. TNT Who we are Listening tests HiFi topics HiFi Shows Tweakings Inter. With lightweight equipment it should be better to add a shelf of marble on top of the component, with the aid of some dots of blue-tac, so that the pressure over the Dampers (and hence the coupling effect) is higher. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. This is a limited edition version of the M-05 carbon rear damper stay (Item 54475).

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If you're in the market for a new expenive cable and/or component, ask a complete set of Q-Dampers for a test drive into your system: you may decide to leave your components as they are. For the standard 3-pieces HiFi system (player amp speakers) you need at least 12 Q-Dampers for a total of 400, not cheap. To determine the right combination of products for your modeling needs, review naking damer the Specification Chart and make use of a free evaluation license. ART Q-Dampers TNT Who we are Listening tests HiFi topics HiFi Shows Tweakings Inter. Each packages contains 3 or 4 Q-Damper, an owner's manual that explains how to use them and what to expect from them. This model shows the phenomenon of viscous heating and consequent temperature increase in a fluid damper. Viscous heating is also important in microflow devices, where a small cross-sectional area and large length of the device can generate significant heating and affect the fluid flow consequently. If you're not using pointed spikes under your equipment, the Q-dampers should be placed directly under the cabinet, provided the contact is smooth and solid. This last test has been made thinking at those audiophiles who just want to discover the effect of the Q-Dampers without putting them everywhere. Then I've tried to take away the Q-Dampers from my system, one component at once, so to unveil under WHICH component their effect was more substantial.